As a dentist practicing Family Dentistry in Oakdale for the past 28 years, the year 2020 has been unlike any other.

Many unknowns remain, so I have taken it upon myself to remodel my office to make sure it is safe for both patients and staff

State of the art clean air system with negative pressure to remove air from operating rooms and replace it with fresh air every six minutes

New airtight doors were placed in each room to further help pull air from patients and staff out of each room for your safety

What is negative pressure and how does it work in our office?

Also known as isolation rooms

  • The goal is to reduce the spread of infection by creating a pressure difference between two spaces
  • In a dental operating room with negative pressure, air flows from high to low pressure so contaminated air leaves the doctor-patient space (see diagram #1)
  • Fresh air enters the operating room from a duct in the ceiling equipped with a HEPA filter (see diagram #2)
  • As the air comes into the room, laminar airflow is created which passes by the dental chair and is exhausted out of the room.
  • By having more exhausted air than supplying the operating space, contaminated air is prevented from spreading throughout the office, thus making the office a safer space to visit and work!